Toronto Bridal Makeup and Hair- Cultural Differences

      Being a makeup artist and hairstylist anywhere in the world would be a fantastic gig to have, but in the city of Toronto, working in the bridal industry is especially wonderful because of the intense multiculturalism of the city. When you provide wedding makeup and hair services for brides in the Greater Toronto Area, you are constantly enriched by diversity and beautiful traditions. And the result is that you become well versed in requirements and specific requests that different cultures make.

        When working with South Asian brides, makeup and hair services are often required for multiple occasions, such as the Sangeet (a large pre-wedding party with filled music and dancing), the traditional wedding ceremony, and the reception- all regarded as separate events. The colors worn are bright, bold and rich- with a new outfit for each event. Jewellery is heavy and eye-catching. Makeup is often dramatic and glamorous- skin is kept as fair as possible. For the traditional ceremony, hair is worn up in a high bun with lots of volume for the ceremonial dupatta setting to drape over. Lips are often red or a shade that is close to it. For the reception, the bride has free reign over her look and often feels as though this is the event that is a best reflection of her personality. As of late, for most receptions many brides op for hair down with some variation of curls and volume.

        Chinese weddings are more conservative but equally as beautiful. There are two parts- the wedding ceremony, and the tea ceremony. The tea ceremony is very important and is where the bride is formally introduced to the grooms family. Often the traditional Chinese red dress is worn along with hair up to show off the beautiful high collar on the neck. Hair typically is adorned with flowers. For the wedding ceremony, a white dress is often worn and the bride may or may not change her hair and/or makeup. The makeup for each is soft but pretty. Eyes are softened and made to look as big as possible (a frequent request from East Asian women). False lashes are almost a definite. Lips range from red to soft pinks and peaches.

        Western brides (typically of Caucasian and African-American backgrounds) are generally the most played down in makeup and hair wedding looks. The trend has been towards a natural but uncontrived look. So soft, romantic, tousled hair that looks slightly unfinished and effortless, whether that be swept up or left down. Makeup is simple and typically plays into the natural beauty of the client. The aim is simply to enhance and polish the everyday look. The most common goal for Western brides is, “to look like themselves but on their best day”.

       The beauty of working as a Toronto Bridal Makeup artist and hairstylist is that the vast cultural diversity keeps you on your toes and forces you to become an expert in various cultural expectations. It is a wonderful way to stay educated on the differences that exist between different cultures, but more importantly, it highlights that across any culture- a wedding day is important, and all women aim to look their best and truly feel beautiful. Which is exactly where I come in.