Makeup Lessons- YPP and Groups


           Many women genuinely want to know how to do their makeup but sadly, have never found a format in which they could learn the proper techniques and products that were right for just them.  When you look on line or in books, you're sure to encounter tons of generalized makeup "how to's" as well as several emerging trends.  But let's face it, most of them are too sophisticated for the average female to execute on her own.  And although the average woman aims for simplicity- the makeup techniques on blogs and in tutorials are tailor made more for the red carpet than everyday life.  

YPP is the antithesis of all that confusion.  It's simple, it's informative and it's personalized.

          YPP is AMR's method of teaching women how to do their makeup- it stands for "Your Personal Palette". It's intended to take all of the guess work out of the makeup application by customizing techniques and products that suit YOUR face, YOUR features and YOUR lifestyle.  Your personal Palette is designed so that you don't have to "think", you just "do", and the results are beautiful every time.  Think of it like baking the perfect cake everyday.  Imagine someone has laid out only the ingredients you need, measured them out for you and then walked you through how to add all of those ingredients to the bowl and pan in in the right order so that baking is a cinch, and the result is delicious every time.  The YPP program works in the same way but for makeup.

          Your Personal Palette is a combination of products, brushes, and techniques that will be customized by us, the team at AMR, for you- the beautiful woman reading this page! This is so that when you take the time to apply your makeup, you're doing it properly every single time (that's the point, right?)  The creation of your personal palette is guided by 3 factors: 

  1. Your makeup goals
  2. Your lifestyle
  3. Your gorgeous face

Why learn how to do your own makeup?

  • gain more confidence
  • look and feel your best daily
  • develop a professional appearance
  • update or improve your current routine
  • look polished in minimal time
  • understand what enhances your natural beauty
  • know what products are best for your face
  • learn how to modify your look for different occasions
  • find out if the products in your makeup bag are working for you or against you
  • discover what products are all hype and which are the real deal
  • learn the latest trends and how they are relevant to you
  • stop wasting money and learn how to spend your beauty dollars wisely

What You'll Learn

  • jazzing it up for nights and events
  • how to give your makeup staying power
  • the hype about contouring
  • preventing the cakey, cracky, not so fresh look
  • how to create beautiful brows
  • the 5 minute "I'm late" face
  • the look of no makeup (using makeup of course!)
  • color combos that will make you look like a babe

How It All Works

          When you do one on one lessons through YPP, you learn what to do with YOUR face, YOUR skin tone, and YOUR unique features.  There's no more guessing.  You can just go through the motions- the proper motions- and look awesome all the time.  That's my goal for every woman that does the YPP program.

Steps of the YPP program:

1) Getting to know you!

- You will need to send us two photos of yourself; two photos of makeup you like, and; you'll need to fill out the YPP Questionnaire.  The photos of you gives us a good sense of what you look like, the photos of what you like tells us what direction you'd like to head in, while the questionnaire tells us all we need to know about your current makeup routine (or lack thereof), your lifestyle, your personal style, and your budget.  All of which will provide us with enough information to consider your specific needs and find/recommend the right products for you.

2) The lesson

- An AMR team member will come to you to your location of choice with a prepared makeup look based on the information you provided in your questionnaire, and from what we see in your photos.  We'll take a look through your makeup bag and see what's working for you and what you can do away with.  We'll then do two run throughs of your new makeup look step by step.  In the 1st run through, we'll do one half of your face step by step, and you'll immediately mimic each step on the other half of your face.  In the 2nd run through, you'll execute the new makeup routine to your entire face while an AMR team member watches and tweaks your technique as you go.  It's the second run through that cements learning.



3) The face chart

- You will receive a labelled face chart specific to the products we use for your look and that we recommend for you.  This will be your visual reference for your lesson and something you can refer back to over time.  Your face chart will serve as your geographical makeup map!


4) Step by Step Instructions

- You will receive your very own makeup recipe!  This is step by step instructions to follow or refer to for the makeup look you learned until it becomes second nature.  

Group lessons

         Group lessons are conducted in a similar fashion to the YPP program.  However, for groups step 3 is removed entirely, and step 4 has a variation.  For step 4, instead of "step by step" instructions for each individual, there will be "Golden Rules" provided for everyone alike which outlines universal techniques that anyone can use.

After the YPP/Group Makeup Lesson

        Once the makeup lesson is over, then the power is all in your well manicured hands!  It's up to you to practice.  You'll have all the tools, visual references and instructions that you need.  BUT!... nothing works unless YOU do it.  Learning makeup is simple and easy when it's tailored to you and it's taught at a proper pace one on one or in a small group setting.  And after your lesson is over, you may think you know exactly what you're doing.  But if we at AMR have learned one thing over the years, it's that the mind knows but the fingers do not.  Intuitively you're likely to remember most of what you're taught.  Practically speaking though, your hands need to repeat those same actions over and over until it becomes second nature and your application is flawless.  We recommend executing your new fabulous look every day for one week.  You'll greatly increase your chances of retention by doing so.

Cost (plus HST)

YPP Program

$225 (3 hours)

-individual based, one on one lesson


Group Lessons

$300 (3 hours)

-group based, 2 people

-$75 for each additional person

-maximum 6 people

***Please note that the makeup lesson does not cover the cost of products that participants can purchase through AMR or products that will be recommended for them to purchase on their own.***