About Amanda Reid


         Makeup lover.  Hair enthusiast.  All around beauty fanatic!  My love affair with all things beautiful began as a child when I keenly observed that Barbie had "potential". She could be far more fabulous and way more fierce, if only she did something flattering with her hair.  A sassy haircut and a few cornrows later, Barbie had a fresh new look, and I discovered that I had an eye for bringing out the best in people.  Yet despite my obvious calling to all things aesthetic, for the majority of my teen years and early adulthood, my focus shifted to academia.  My interest in law and forensics (thanks to Ally McBeal and Agent Scully) lead me to pursue a potentially successful career in law.  But after finishing university with a hard earned B.A. in criminology, I ditched my legal eagle path and went back to my roots and true passion by pursuing a career in makeup artistry and hairstyling.  

         The moment I stepped back into the realm of hair and makeup, my gut told me I was exactly where I belonged.  Makeup and hair feeds my soul in ways very few things can.  It's creative, exciting, and fulfilling.  Through it I'm privy to transformation, creation, and connection every single day.  And because of it, I'm privileged to meet women and men from all cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs, and age groups- what an invaluable education on humanity! Today, over a decade after deciding to pursue hair and makeup as a profession,  I'm a busy Toronto-based artist with a solid team of hairstylists and makeup artists behind me.  Specializing in both bridal and South Asian bridal hair and makeup, along with our experience in corporate and commercial settings, we're trusted (and honored) to deliver the exact results our clients are looking for.  

About AMR

         AMR is a full service makeup and hairstyling team based in the Greater Toronto Area.  Although our main focus is in bridal, our highly skilled team does work in all areas of the industry including:

  • corporate

  • commercial

  • fashion

  • prom

  • personal events

  • film & television

  • print

        All hair and makeup services are offered on-site, meaning we come to you.  Our goal is to make your hair and makeup experience as simple and convenient as possible.

About the AMR Team

        AMR houses an elite team of Toronto-based hairstylists and makeup artists who work on site to create stunning results for you, our clients.  We are extensively trained in our specific fields of expertise, and we thoroughly enjoy the artistic nature of what we do. We're here to deliver exactly what you, our clients want, guided by our professional opinions and experience of what will be beneficial to you.  Our aim is to help you re-discover the best you there is, and have fun while doing it!