Get extraordinary lashes with this wonderfully natural lash enhancing miracle called EyEnvy.  Not everyone is interested in wearing false lashes, but just about everyone is interested in having naturally long, thick, beautiful lashes.  Now, it's possible! Finally a product that truly helps to grow eyelashes fuller, longer and thicker- EyEnvy. It’s been clinically tested to grow eyelashes to their maximum potential within 8-12 weeks.

What is EyEnvy?

EyEnvy is a lash conditioner that:

-rejuvenates and strengthens fragile lashes
-protects the hair and the hair follicles from environmental damage
-helps lashes reach their full potential

EyEnvy works because it nourishes the hair follicle and conditions the bulb of the lash so that there is enough moisture to produce stronger, thicker, more hydrated lashes. Consequently, they are less prone to weakening, breakage, and falling out, and they grow to their maximum length.

EyEnvy is applied in the same fashion as liquid liner- with a small, thin, flexible brush swept along the lash line (top and bottom).

How to use:

1) Shake the tube

2) Wipe the brush off on the rim of the tube 3 times to remove excess

3) Apply like liquid liner to top lash line (bottom lash line optional)

4) Use once daily for 3 months. Your lashes will reach their maximum thickness and length within that time. After 3 months, EyEnvy need only be applied every other day for maintenance.


-There are no side effects.  For blonds or red-heads, EyEnvy may slightly darken the lash line.  EyEnvy DOES NOT contain steroids.

-EyEnvy can also be used in eyebrows if you have over-tweezed or if you just naturally have sparse eyebrows.

-Your tube of EyEnvy should last 4-5 months.

Pricing (plus HST)

$120- EyEnvy (cost of shipping not included).