Amanda Reid and the artists at AMR have worked extensively in corporate and commercial settings for over a decade.  We love the contribution that hair and makeup adds to the final product for a client.  For photographers, video productions and media companies, we know that hair and makeup is essential to adding the necessary polish and finish to your work.  We believe it's our job to raise the level of the production quality without being a directly visible component.  We are also intimately aware of the delicate relationship you have with your clients, and support that relationship by:

  • Preserving the integrity of your project with professional language, a professional appearance, and professional behavior

  • Being personable and visibly present for the production

  • Being highly skilled in our field and delivering the exact results requested of us by the production and the client

What makes us the top choice for corporate and commercial productions?

  • we are fast and efficient (we move quickly so that shooting time is maximized)

  • we have high standards for quality

  • we are easy to work with

  • we are punctual and professional

  • we represent your production with the utmost integrity

  • we understand makeup requirements for camera and lighting (i.e. HD filming, black and white photography, green screens, white backgrounds, etc.)

  • we learn about the client and the goals of the production, and then aim to meet those goals

  • we practice on-set etiquette (when and how it's appropriate to make adjustments to hair and makeup)


Pricing (plus HST)

***Prices are for all projects (commercial shoots, print ads, look books, corporate shoots)***

Services by Amanda Reid

$525  Full day (7-8 hours)

$375 Half day (3-4 hours)

Services by AMR Team Artists

$450  Full day (7-8 hours)

$300 Half day (3-4 hours)