Personal Events


        Just because you're not getting married doesn't mean you can't still have fantastic hair and makeup done.  Why not take every opportunity to put your best face forward?  Many of our clients have other occasions for which looking and feeling their best is of the utmost importance.  Personal events such as:

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  • maternity shoots
  • bridal and baby showers
  • bachelorette parties/stagettes
  • birthdays
  • graduation
  • prom
  • anniversaries
  • bar mitzvah's
  • galas
  • charity events
  • dance or fitness competitions
  • reunions
  • special dinners  

and so on, all warrant the need for great hair and makeup.  AMR tends to clients for all purposes and delivers equally outstanding results for all occasions. 

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Pricing (HST included)

Event Hair only $90

Event Makeup only $90

Event Hair and Makeup- $170